A big glass of vodka

We spend so much of our time and energy at work that our real lives are lived on the periphery of our consciousness.

I came up with that statement. By myself. Noone helped. Although a big glass of vodka would have helped.

Ever since my holiday in August, I am finding it increasingly hard to accept that this is my life. I reckon I spend a total of 10 hours in the working week with my son. Between him, housework, work and watching tv, I think I spend about 5 hours with my husband, majority of that in the train travelling into work.

I am afraid to sleep. I can’t be wasting precious hours sleeping. So I make a point of falling asleep on the sofa with the tv on until 1 am, because that isn’t really sleeping. I am making most of life. Living on the edge.

I don’t really have time to be tired. I am too busy.

Are you?