What are you missing out on?

I heard the most intriguing line on Friday this week. One of my coachees said to me, “I have no fear of missing out”. Yes, that’s what she said and I was blown away.

What a simple concept. Choose what you want to with no fear of missing out.

I then, of course, spent the weekend analysing what drove me. Was it purpose, determination, courage, selfishness to be better than anyone else? Or was it fear of missing out- missing out on the most exciting college life, missing out on the best romance, missing out on the most extravagant of weddings, missing out on the quickest promotion, missing out on being the youngest manager, missing out on being on that training course, missing out and missing out!

72 hours of rumination and I have finally admitted that fear of missing out neatly explains why I cannot ever be satisfied with focusing on just one thing, why I have to say ‘yes’ to most everything, and why my finger tends to be in most pies ever being made!

Interestingly, this was almost exclusively reserved for my career. Aspiring to be a loving wife, a dutiful daughter and a kickass mother is nearly entirely driven by purpose and determination.

I don’t know why this is- just that it is. Another 72 hours and I might get there.

No matter the reason, though. If I could not fear missing out just ever so slightly more, I would be closer to happiness. And that would most definitely not be missing out.

(I have to go now and prep for tomorrow, lest I miss out on something super important!)

What do you think? Fear missing out?