A beautiful voice and forgotten songs

“Mein koi aisa gee gaoon, ke…”

Baby boy and I were watching the boats on the river from the balcony, when this song came on and I was overwhelmed by a powerful wave of nostalgia.

The sun beating down on my face, the tip-tap rhythm of my school shoes, chatter of school girls all around me and another little hand in my hand while we went round and round the school grounds. My best friend forever teaching me a song.

We were inseparable, hung out with each other every chance we got, sung our little hearts out together. We even wrote letters to each other for 2 years while we lived in different countries.

Then we stopped being friends, abruptly stopped talking to each other. Life moved on, my memory of her became just a pang of regret, nothing more.

Now many years later, we have started talking again, matured by our years apart. We may never be best friends again but maybe there was enough love in our little girl friendships that will see us through.

Baby boy and I twirl round the room. “Mein koi aisa geeth gaoon, ke…”.

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